Setting the Standard


 Customer service in towing is becoming a higher and higher standard in our community.  Why, you ask?  Because, as the main provider for most of the roadsides in the area, we do not stand for the shady things that used to happen in the towing industry. When we first started towing, we had to fight the stigma of the stereotypical shirtless hillbilly tow truck driver. Yes, it was bad. Companies would show up to police calls with dilapidated trucks and the driver would have inappropriate holes in their clothes. 

  There are certain traits that are negative and positive that we are aware of while hiring for customer service. We stay away from drivers that would make your grandmother feel uncomfortable. We never hire people that would belittle your son because he doesn’t want to change his own tire. We advocate for the single mom that dreads going to the dealership because she knows she will be taken advantage of. And, we take great care of the classic car guy because, like all of our customers, his car is special. 

 Bottom line is, our customers are our livelihood. Without our customers we wouldn’t have jobs. So, we treat our customers like royalty every chance we get. If our drivers develop a bad attitude, they will  be encouraged to work somewhere else. 

  If you can relate with this awesome customer service that Coachmans has provided for the last 15 years, please let us know. 815-633-9300. We are always willing to listen to our customers. 

Dj Wilson